Moving to SPN Hunters

Hey everyone!

For those who do or have read this blog, I want to thank you. It never became what I wanted it to be for various reasons. I know this sounds like a goodbye, but it's actually quite the opposite.

I'm still blogging and this blog is going to remain. However, I'm moving over to a new domain. You can find all my content (along with content from others in the future) at SPN Hunters. This is a new blog that has been set up under the FanSided brand and just something I couldn't pass up when given the opportunity. After all, you know how much I love Supernatural.

Right now, the blog is full of content based on San Diego Comic-Con over the weekend, but I'll be developing more content over the next couple of months. I literally have at least one piece a day planned out, including recaps of old episodes, the lore from the episodes, and a fun look at Sam Winchester's hair! We'll also cover the spin-off Wayward Sisters.

Check it out at I promise you will not be disappointed about this fun blog. It will become your number one resource for everythong Supernatural.