Top 5 ‘Supernatural’ Season 1 Episodes

The best place to start with Supernatural is the very beginning. Because this show is on Netflix and remains popular with the fandom, it still gets new fans each day. But where exactly do you start?
You don’t want to jump right into the most current episode, right? There are 12 years worth of spoilers! So, you want to start with Supernatural Season 1.

If you’re not sure if you’ll enjoy it, I recommend starting with one of the best episodes of the season. This will show you the brothers’ connection and style of the show. So, these are five episodes that you want to tune into from the very first season.

#5. Season 1, Episode 1 ‘Pilot’

Of course, the very first episode is one that you need to watch. The pilot episode of any show has to be good. This is the first look—the way to make the first impression and keep a fan base connected and intrigued.

Supernatural Season 1, Episode 1 managed to do that perfectly. It set up the overall storyline, with the Winchester brothers on the hunt for their father. But it wasn’t that simple. They didn’t come across John Winchester but they did find some of his things.

What made this work was the writing and the development for the two brothers. The show is totally focused on Dean and Sam Winchester, but it’s hard to feel that brotherly connection from the beginning—they were two actors not used to working together at the time. Introducing them as estranged brothers so they were constantly finding out something new about each other was the perfect way to go about it. They learned more and we got to know them.

It just so happened that “Pilot” included one of my favorite urban legends: The Woman in White.

#4. Season 1, Episode 13 ‘Route 666’

This may not be the best episode for a lot of people, but it was one of my favorites from the first season. It showed the growing bond between brothers, as they started to feel more comfortable around each other and trusted each other more.

There was also a vulnerable side to Dean shared. Up until this point, he had been a soldier on the road to wipe out as many demons as possible. There were times we’d seen some vulnerability, but it was either when he was on the verge of dying or when it involved his family. This time it was all about him and his relationship with a woman.

“Route 666” also featured the first sex scene of the whole show. It wouldn’t be the last, but it would cement the idea that this show was for adults as well as teens.

#3. Season 1, Episode 18 ‘Something Wicked’

Dean finally got the chance to right a wrong in this episode. It was the first to show flashbacks of the Winchesters as young boys (not counting the prelude to the pilot episode), giving us a chance to see just how long they’d been hunting.

More importantly, this was a chance for us and Sam to find out why Dean was so protective. He felt guilty for putting his own fun and interests first, when it nearly cost the life of his brother. He wasn’t about to let that happen again.

There was excellent character growth for Sam in this Supernatural Season 1 episode, too. As Sam learned more about his brother’s guilty, he gained a new appreciation for everything Dean had done. It wouldn’t make up for some of the wrongs and certainly wouldn’t change some of the later actions between the two brothers, but it would help.

#2. Season 1, Episode 9 ‘Home’

If you want to see the Winchesters emotions running high and understand more about the family history, this is the episode that you want to catch. As the title suggests, it’s the episode where the Winchesters return to Lawrence, Kansas. In fact, they go back to their childhood home where their mother lost her life.

While there, they meet the amazing Missouri Moseley, a psychic who could help the Winchesters tackle the evil that was in their old home. The episode also focused on the Winchesters personally  more than any other episode before this.

This is the first episode that Dean shows his vulnerability. He’s scared to return home because of the memories there. He worries about what he’ll find and believes it could have been the thing to kill his mother. Turning to his father, he makes a phone call with a plea for help only for it to go ignored (at least, Dean believes it was ignored).

#1. Season 1, Episode 12 ‘Faith’

This is one of my favorite episodes of the whole show. “Faith” shows how close the Winchesters are, and their differences in beliefs and dreams.

When Dean is electrocuted and given just weeks to live, Sam looks into all possibilities to save him. This leads the Winchesters to a faith healer. While Sam has belief and hope, Dean remains skeptical. It’s only when the healing works that he’s left wondering how and why. It doesn’t take long for the Winchesters to realize that the healing wasn’t quite the miracle they expected.

One thing that this episode brings is Dean’s guilty about being saved. It’s a running personality trait, leading him to various sacrifices and decisions in later seasons.

If you want to start somewhere with Supernatural Season 1, I suggest these episodes. They’ll give you a good idea as to whether you’ll want to watch the whole show or not.