Crowley Not In ‘Supernatural’ Season 13: Why I’ll Still Watch

After a disastrous day yesterday, I learned that Mark Sheppard was leaving Supernatural. It’s a sad day for the SPN Family, as he plays Crowley. Now, Crowley has long been one of my favorite demons—a frenemy to the Winchesters—but his departure doesn’t mean I’ll stop watching the show. In fact, I will still tune in for Supernatural Season 13 and here’s why.

I Started Watching for the Winchesters

I started watching Supernatural way back in the beginning, when there were just the two Winchesters on the road. Sure, the odd guest star would keep cropping back up, but this was before Castiel and Crowley were even thought about.

For me, the show is about the Winchesters. As long as Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki continue to play those roles, I will keep watching. It’s only when they leave that the show will completely change.

Honestly, there wouldn’t be a show without them and The CW knows that.


One Character Doesn’t Make a Show

Unless you’re the title character of a show, you’re not going to be the make-or-break of a TV show. There is always going to be another story to tell.

Let’s just take Charmed for example. Shannen Doherty left at the end of Season 3, but the show continued for another five years. Okay, I believe that the show was at its weakest without Doherty, but then Prue was always my favorite character. However, I kept watching because there was always a chance that Rose McGowan would step up.

In the end, it wasn’t the actresses but the whole production. For Supernatural, there is a strong production base. The two showrunners have been part of the show since the early days. This helps to keep the main characters still around on track.

I Expect People to Die in ‘Supernatural’

Who honestly thought that anyone except the Winchesters were safe? I have never thought that. I’ve been waiting for either Crowley or Castiel to kick it for some time.

Sure, I’m sad, but I’m not just going to jump ship because of this. If I was every going to jump ship because of a character death, it would have been when either Bobby or Charlie died. Both of those were by far my most favorite side characters of the lot.

Supernatural is one of those shows where people die, unless your surname is Winchester—and then you die and come back a lot!

I’m Loyal to the Show

I have to admit that I’m not loyal to an actor. While I love to know what work they’re doing next or what other movies/TV shows they’ve been in, I’m not just going to stop watching a show because they’ve gone. Likewise, I don’t just watch something because it’s got a certain actor in it. I loved James Spader in Boston Legal but it’s taken me a long time to watch The Blacklist—partially because I didn’t have the time and partially because I actually didn’t know much about it.

When Doherty left Charmed I didn’t suddenly stop watching. I was invested in the actual characters.

With Supernatural I’ve invested 12 years into the Winchesters. I want to know how their story ends. The only way I find that out is by watching the show.

There Are Other Jobs at Stake

If we all stopped watching the show because one character left, the show would be cancelled. TV shows need good ratings to keep them on the air.

While you may not be happy with a decision behind the scenes, there’s still the knowledge that other people still have jobs within the show. I continue to support a show I love because there are other people who have careers riding on the show. And this isn’t just about the actors. There are crew members who have no say in what happens to the characters.

I know there are people angry at Sheppard’s departure. I’m sad and it’s disappointing to hear that there are problems behind the scenes, but that is the way of showbiz and employment. I’m going to stick through Supernatural Season 13 and hope for the best. Will you join me?

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