The Big Mistake ‘Supernatural’ Season 12 Made

I know Supernatural Season 12 isn’t over, but I can’t see the next few episodes topping this major mistake. I didn’t want to put the mistake in the title, because it would be a major spoiler for those who haven’t seen some of the most recent episodes yet. I know there are some who like to wait for the season to finish and become available on Netflix.

So, there are spoilers from this point. You’ve been warned. If you don’t want to be spoiled, don’t ready until you’ve caught up to Supernatural Season 12, Episode 18. I’ll put in the Season 12 trailer here just to give a break from the actual spoilers!

What’s the big mistake? Killing Mick Davis.

Yes, I think Supernatural made a monumental error with this. Part of this mistake is also having the British Men of Letters as the big bad of the season.

Supernatural had the chance to do something different. Initially making the British Men of Letters seem evil and unwavering, there was a chance to create something good and helpful. Part of me just knew that it would never happen, but I wanted the British Men of Letters to become friends and allies to the Winchesters.

What they wanted to do was rid America of monsters, like they had with Britain. It was a noble and honourable wish. However, it was soon clear that there were no grey areas when it came to the monsters. The view was very similar to that of John and Dean Winchester in the early days. Monsters were bad and needed killing.

It was only around Supernatural Season 2 that Dean started considering supernatural beings as potentially good and helpful. Apart from Sam, it wasn’t until friends started turning that he truly accepted that some monsters could be good; that they could make choices to be good the majority of the time and lock themselves up during times that they couldn’t.

Mick and the British Men of Letters had that old-school black and white view, but Mick looked like he was open to change. He didn’t kill Irene, despite her accidentally killing one of the Men of Letters, and he suggested that the British Men of Letters continue to work with the Winchesters.

He was suddenly killed by Mr. Ketch, making it clear that Mr. Ketch isn’t the sort of person who makes connections. There was hope with Mary, but it looks like he’s closed himself off again. After all, Mr. Ketch and Mick seemed like friends—well, as good friends as an officer and a soldier can be.

Killing Mick makes it clear that the British Men of Letters can never be allies to the Winchesters, especially now that they want to exterminate all hunters. They’ve become the typical evil British organization that needs to be stopped. Honestly, the writers have gone for a stereotypical storyline that is extremely easy to guess and that all started with the death of Mick.

There was hope that this could work out to be something very different; something Supernatural hadn’t done before. It’s a shame that they’ve gone for the obvious. I had high hopes for Robert Singer and Andrew Dabb taking over, but now I’m not too sure.

I will continue to watch Supernatural Season 12. I hope to be shocked—maybe Mick isn’t really dead—but I honestly don’t think I will be.

Supernatural Season 12 is taking a break this week. It will return on April 27 at 8pm on the CW channel.