'Supernatural' Season 12, Episode 18 Sneak Peek: Check Out Their Agent Names!

I bet you thought I'd forgotten about this blog, huh? Well, things have just been a little hectic for me recently, but I do want to bring you all sorts of Supernatural news and updates.

Let's start with tomorrow's episode and I'll share my thoughts about the British Men of Letters and that disastrous and typical turn of events from last week later.

This week, the Winchester brothers are going to a town with a dark secret. It's so dark that it's hard to figure out if this is going to be some type of godly supernatural event or if it's going to be something out of The Village. Honestly, part of my hopes it will be the latter, just to see how the Winchesters deal with it.

The sneak peek for the episode is up, but I couldn't help focus on the names of the agents and the name given to the creature! Seriously, you couldn't make that up...well, you could because the writers did, but you know what I mean, right?

The agent names clearly link to some of the writers being big fans of Game of Thrones. To be honest, the Winchesters are clearly fans, considering a few years ago they were with Charlie (RIP, Charlie) in the Men of Letter's bunker watching the show (and Sam didn't want spoilers). It make sense that they would use the names Martell and Stark with that in mind--now I want to know who is Stark and who is Martell and is that a clue both of them will face gruesome ends?

As for the name of the creature it's "Black Bill." Obviously, it's because it's a Billy Goat that's black, but I'm guessing they were out of ideas.

The sneak peek is at the top if you'd like to watch it. You can read more about the Supernatural Season 12, Episode 18 promo and sneak peek right here.

[Image via the YouTube Clip Above]