Have You Seen These Fanmade ‘Supernatural’ Opening Credits ‘Teen Wolf’ Style Videos?

I have to admit that I really love watching fanmade videos. There are so many great fiction ideas in them, whether it’s mixing TV shows together or creating stories within fandoms. Some of the videos help me find motivation to write and can even help inspire some storylines.

They also help me know that there are others out there who think like me.

Well, this is a little different. This Supernatural fandom video is an opening credits. It’s a Teen Wolf style opener with the music, which really gives a creepy, dramatic feel to the show; everything that the show is.

There are lots of Teen Wolf style Supernatural opening credits. With the show not having the 1990s style openers, people have taken to making them. Some of them are okay, but there are others that really stand out and make me wish Supernatural had something like them. This is certainly one of those cases.

The opener doesn’t give anything about the season away. It works for all seasons, so there would be no need for the extra work in production; something Suits benefits from. The only thing it really gives away is that there is a small cast, and one star is an angel. You could possible get that one’s a demon and one's a witch (in the video below), but that’s about it.

It’s a shame that the video isn’t better quality, but the fan could only work with what they had. These were mostly shots used for teasers for seasons: those little network promos rather than the actual show promos. I remember some from the first couple of seasons!

What do you think about the Teen Wolf style Supernatural credits? If you haven’t watched the show or only see the odd episode, what would you think about it just watching them?


  1. I like the second video better. It shows the characters more powerful to them. It really shines Sam in a good light Supernatural is ne of my favorite tv series. I have not missed an episode.

    1. I agree with that. The first video is very focused on the feelings from the fifth and sixth seasons, really.


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