Happy Supernatural Day! On This Day in History the First Supernatural Episode Aired

Can you remember what you were doing on September 13, 2005? How many of you were watching the first ever episode of Supernatural?

I'll admit that I wasn't. But I have a great excuse: I was in the United Kingdom. I was also in university and didn't have a TV. I had to wait a little longer to get the pilot episode, but I have to admit that I loved it from the start.
What were you doing when the first episode of Supernatural aired? Did you have plans to watch it or did you tune in later on in the show's lifetime?

Supernatural is still going. It's changed a little from when it first aired. It was originally about two brothers in search for their dad. Since then, they've found out that angels, crossroad demons, God and much more exists.

I'm looking forward to Season 12 starting on October 13 (only a month to go!). I can't wait to see what will happen now that Mary Winchester is back.

Happy Supernatural Day everyone!


  1. I was probably sitting on my couch curled up with miniature pinschers with a bowl of popcorn.


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