4 Ways ‘Supernatural’ Could End

With the possibility of Supernatural ending with the 300th episode, I thought I’d look at some of the ways the show could end. There is only one way that it could legitimately end for me, but these are some of the options out there that the writers could take.

Take a read through to see if you agree with the show ending in these ways.

Both Winchesters Bite the Dust

This is the only legitimate way for the show to end for me. Both Winchesters have made it very clear now that there is no way out of the hunting lifestyle. Well, Dean made that clear in the first season, but Sam made it clear recently. There is no out because there’s always something out there.

When the show ends, I’d like to see the brothers out of hunting. The only way I could see that happening is if both of them die.

I could see them making the decision to sacrifice themselves for the rest of the world. Maybe they could take out all demons and angels out with them. It would be a compromise that the Winchesters definitely couldn’t give up.

This could be a little trickier with Mary being back for Supernatural Season 12. I guess it depends on how long she is back for.

One Winchester Dying

This wouldn’t make the best ending. Sure, it would always leave the show open for a return but I can’t see that ever happening.

If not both Winchesters dying in the end, at least one of them would have to. There are some fans who have suggested that Dean is over Sam’s dying body with his trust pistol in his hand. As the screen goes black, there is the echoing sound of a gunshot. We don’t know if Dean put Sam out of his misery or if Sam died and Dean pulled the gun on himself.

That doesn’t quite work for me. Dean isn’t someone who would kill himself. Sure, he’s done it once but that was to get Sam back thinking that Sam was dead.

Instead, I could see Sam dying and then Dean going out in a blaze of glory. To keep the closing scene with some mystery, maybe Dean could walk into a pack of vampires or demons telling them to come and get him. It would give it a bit of an Angel ending, which I personally quite liked.

The Winchesters Getting Their Happy Ever After

I’m not even sure what this is for the Winchester brothers. Do they even have a happy ever after now? It’s been so long since the beginning when Sam just wanted to go to law school and Dean just needed to find his dead.

If they do have a happy ever after, the final episode could show them getting that. Maybe it’s Dean settling down with Lisa and Ben, while Sam finds love with someone else—maybe Amelia?

There aren’t many fans who seem to want this kind of ending. Maybe it’s more of the fact that they don’t see it being possible.

To show this, the producers could opt for a flash forward at the very end. Charmed did this when it wrapped up after eight years. It wasn’t the best ending in my opinion, but it did completely close off the show. Maybe they could pass on the torch to a couple of younger hunters.

Of course, their happy ever after could be in heaven with their friends and family members. Maybe they end up meeting up with Ash, who teaches them how to jump between heavens properly.

The Winchesters Go on Another Hunt

If both Winchesters dying isn’t going to happen, at least have the two of them going on another hunt. Something that I’d like to see if this is the case is the camera pointing up from the trunk. One of the brothers says they have work to do, as he throws the shotgun in the trunk and closes it. The screen goes to black and the end credits roll.

It’s a throwback to that very first episode—a scene that all Supernatural fans remember.

The best part of this is that we have no idea how long the Winchesters live for. We don’t know if they die in the next hunt or manage to make it through more. It leaves the show open to them returning to any spinoff that the CW decides to pilot.

Do you think any of these ways to end Supernatural could work? What are your ideas for how the Winchester brothers could end their journey? Feel free to share in the comments below.

Don’t forget Supernatural Season 12 premieres on Thursday, October 13 at 9/8c on the CW. Supernatural Season 11 is available on Netflix from Thursday, October 7.

[Image from Wikimedia, used under the Creative Commons 4.0 License]