What Did You Think About Demon Meg from ‘Supernatural’?

I saw a post on Buddy TV about the most hated demons and saw Meg on the list. The writer even said she hated the demon!

I have to say I was shocked. Don’t most Supernatural fans love Meg? The comments on the article certainly made it seem like it.

At first, I wanted to comment but then I stopped short. Maybe this was an attempt to get people to discuss the demon on the site. Was it a ruse to annoy people? It’s been done before, right? It stopped me from commenting, but I did want to bring the question here.

What do you think about Meg? Do you love her or hate her? Does it depend on the actress playing her?

For me, the second actress to play Meg was my favourite. I loved her sarcastic nature and friendship with Castiel. She really helped Cas grow, even if the Winchesters weren’t sure which side she was on.

My favourite line is her last to Sam “go save your brother…and my unicorn.”

So, I give you the floor. Tell me what you thought about this Supernatural demon.

Image from the YouTube clip above.


  1. I think it depends on who is playing Meg, if she is liked or not. I love Supernatural. One of my favorite series.

    1. It certainly does. The BuddyTV article said both were bad, but I loved the second actress and the way her character adapted over the seasons.


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