5 Times Cas Has Made Me Laugh Out Loud in ‘Supernatural’

While Supernatural is full of strange and dark storylines, there are moments that are just comedic genius. The character Castiel takes up a lot of them, especially during his earlier seasons.

Here’s a look at the 5 times Cas made me laugh out loud while watching the show.

When He Met Kevin

RIP Kevin

The first time Kevin and Cas met I was in stitches. I didn’t really like Kevin’s character at first, but this made me warm up to him a little. While driving in the station wagon (I know, no Impala), Meg gets a call from Cas. She quickly tells him where they are and is just pops into the car, right in between Kevin and Meg.

If that wasn’t shocking enough for the 17-year-old Princeton applicant, the next parts had me off my chair. Kevin asks Cas if he’s “one of the angels,” and all Cas does is poke him on the nose and says “boop.”

That had to be one of the best introductions on the whole show, even if Cas was slightly worse for wear at the time. The conversation that followed it continued some of the comedy that could only be accomplished with the loveable angel.

When He Couldn’t Get the Pop Culture References

It’s going to be difficult to get pop culture when you haven’t lived through it. Various writers have touched on this (like Captain America’s inability to get it or Hook’s questions over Netflix in Once Upon a Time), but none get it as well as Supernatural when Castiel is involved.

He’s corrected Dean on saying “rabbit” as “wabbit” and he mistakes porn for an actual TV show. There are just so many moments in the show that it’s hard to choose one of them.

The best part is that he is so dead pan about it. Rather than questioning the references, he sticks to his own train of thought the majority of the time. Even the Winchesters don’t really try to explain anything to him.

When He Couldn’t Get to Grips With Social Norms

This is another area that other shows have tried to be funny but not always quite got it. Castiel’s moments with cell phones and the social norms have gone on to be major one-liners for the SPN Family. In fact, one of the one-liners became a song for the 200th episode!

My favorite is when Dean tells him to let him get 4 hours sleep or so. Castiel decides he will wait by the side of the road for him. Oh and that’s after telling Dean that the voice says he is almost out of minutes.

Who doesn’t crack up at the “I’ll just wait here, then” moment?

And for those who don’t remember the song, here’s a video of it.

When He Attempted to Be FBI

When Dean didn’t have Sam with him, he took on Cas as his partner. You know, I can’t remember the full reason why it was Dean and Cas, but that doesn’t really matter for this clip.

Cas is given a fake FBI badge to be Dean’s partner, and finds that he needs to show it to the police. It was obvious what was going to happen, but it was Cas and Dean’s reactions that made it funny. Cas was so deadpan, while Dean quickly turned the badge the right way and then explained how it was his first day.

Supernatural attempted this moment again with Charlie (RIP, Charlie…) but didn’t pull it off in the same way.

When He Asked Dean About Lipstick

Castiel ponders some of the things in life that many of us don’t often have the time for. One of those is testing on animals. Sure there are plenty of advocates out there against animal testing, but how many of us honestly spend a great deal of time thinking about it? Can we honestly say that we do?

During one episode of Supernatural, Castiel spends that time and asks Dean about it—and it certainly wasn’t a conversation Dean expected to have that day.

He sits in the car and says that he wonders if it’s really a necessity to test cosmetics on monkeys. After all, they’re so sensible that they “leave the skin on the bananas that they eat.” Plus how important is lipstick to Dean?

It’s a serious subject but brings some humor to the show…and probably had a lot of people questioning just why is testing lipstick on monkeys so important? Why do we allow it? Isn’t it time to stop this animal cruelty?

These moments had me laughing out loud while watching Supernatural. Which moments did it for you?

[Image from the YouTube video above]