'Supernatural' Season 12 Teaser Trailer: Questions I Have

It's been almost two months since I've written a post here. I can't believe how little I've done, but a move to another country really hasn't helped.

I'm changing all that from now on and you will see regular posts about Supernatural.

I want to chat a little about the Supernatural panel at San Diego Comic Con 2016 right now. More importantly about the sneak teaser into Season 12. Did you see that clip? It's on YouTube, although it's only viewed from other people's cameras, so it's not great.

There are some awesome elements to it, but I do have some minor nitpicks and questions.

First of all, Sam is still alive. I think they ruined the cliffhanger, really. That shot off screen had many wondering: was Sam shot dead or just injured? Now it's clear that he can't be dead. If he is, he's not going to stay dead. That doesn't mean the Men of Letters won't do anything bad to him, but it still ruins a bit of that is he/isn't he part from the Supernatural Season 11 finale.

Now, one part that I loved was seeing Mary in the teaser. It means she's definitely going to be around for at least a couple of episodes, and it looks like she's going to be disorientated. Well, wouldn't you if you'd come back from the dead.

At one point, there's the voiceover of Mary saying "I never wanted this for you boys." I'm sure there's going to be some guilt, as she realizes that her death caused John to become a hunter and her sons being raised in that life she got away from. But I have to wonder if she knows anything about the last few years.

Image from YouTube clip above

Was she taken from just before she died in the house? Is she taken from just after? Remember, Ash said that he hadn't found John or Mary Winchester, so it suggests that she was never in heaven at all. Maybe this is why.

I am really looking forward to Supernatural Season 12. This trailer has really made me excited for what's to come in October. Are you looking forward to it? Which parts specifically can't you wait for?


  1. I have never gotten into watching this series, guess I'm too busy blogging. LOL

  2. this sounds very interesting, I have never watched it but I am going to look into it as I love this type of stuff.

  3. Can't say I've ever watched this particular series but it sounds interesting!


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