Top 5 Recurring Characters on ‘Supernatural’

Last week I did my top 5 guest characters on the show. Now I want to look at the recurring characters, like Bobby and Charlie.

This isn’t going to look at the recurring characters that became main ones *cough* Crowley *cough*, but just those that always remained recurring stars throughout the last 11 seasons. There haven’t been that many like that, so this should be easy to narrow it down to my top 5. This is in no particular order.

Kevin Tran

Of course the prophet has to be on the list. I loved how he grew during his time on the show, and just continually worked with the Winchesters in spite of everything that happened. For much of his time on the show, he believed his mom was dead. I’m so glad that once he was trapped in the afterlife he was able to get some closure on that.

To make it even better, he was brought back for an episode. This week he appeared to help the Winchesters believe that…well, I’m not going to say in case you haven’t watch the episode yet! But God came back and he needed to tell the Winchesters that it was really him because they know him as a different person.

Kevin was uber smart and he never lost that during his time on the show. He wasn’t the Winchesters’ favourite person at first, but he grew to become part of the family. It was a very true statement when Bobby said “blood don’t end with blood.”

Bobby Singer

Speaking of Bobby, he has to make the list. It’s obvious, right?

This isn’t because he was a favourite of the Winchesters. His character stood out and would have remained like that even if he wasn’t such a close ally.

He was level-headed, smart and understanding. He made time for people, but could stop a lying from a mile off. Oh, and his resourcefulness was second to none—that panic room he had installed?

I thought it was fitting that Bobby was killed off eventually. I like the way it happened, too. Rather than a quick death, he had the chance to look back through his memories and then even got to haunt the Winchesters for a while. That conversation for him to move on was hard—on all of us.

Charlie Bradbury

Another one of those “of course” characters. Charlie has to make the list because of how great she was with the boys. And there was never the aim to make her a love interest for either of them.

One thing that I really loved was that she was a hacker, a live-action role player and an all-round awesome chick. She was tough but gentle at the same time, and was definitely used to being in charge.

Seeing her change between going to Oz and returning was an excellent way to make her into a fully-fledged Winchester. But her death was just so unnecessary. All it did was help push Dean further towards hating his brother and towards the dark side. There was no need for it and she should have been kept alive—attacked but alive.

She better come back!

Gabriel/The Trickster

Who didn’t love The Trickster when he first turned up on Supernatural? Okay, maybe the second time? Actually, a lot of fans found him annoying, until his position as Gabriel was confirmed and he actually helped the Winchesters.

Personally, I loved him every time he was on screen. He was quirky, funny and all-round entertaining. I loved how smart he was, that he was always one step ahead of everyone.

Of course, his face-off against Lucifer was definitely his best moment. It’s a shame he was killed off in the end. I’d love to know what happens to angels when they die (same with what happens to demons). Can Gabriel come back somehow?

Jody Mills

My final recurring character on the list just has to be Jody Mills. I wasn’t sure about her at first, but her last episode had me in stitches…maybe it was just the way the Winchesters were so uncomfortable at the dinner table.

Jody has been a great addition—something better not happen to her. I loved how she was brought into it and how she found out about monsters. After the initial shock, she got straight into it and has now become like a second mother to the brothers.

There has been talk about her being in a Supernatural spin off. It’s more of a wish from the SPN Family, but I do really hope it happens. I’d definitely watch a show with her, Claire and Alex.

That’s my list of recurring character favourites. I know I included a couple of recurring characters in my guest star one (Meg and Lucifer) but they were played by different actors so I put them a little separately.

Who are your favourite recurring characters on the show? Share your thoughts in the comments below.