My Top 5 Guest Stars on ‘Supernatural’

I’ve watched Supernatural almost from the beginning. There are some characters who have stood out more than others, and I’m not just talking about the current four main characters.

While I could tell you five top guest stars on Supernatural, they’d all be the same ones everyone else probably has. The likes of Bobby, Charlie and Kevin all come to mind, right? Well, I’m going to do this slightly differently.

This is for those characters that don’t or didn’t recur too often. Once or twice is fine, but not one that is often classed as a main recurring character. So here’s the list.


But he’s a main recurring character, isn’t he? Well, in the essence of Supernatural, I wouldn’t really say so. The show has been on for 11 seasons, and he has really only shown up in three (four if my memory is failing on me). He was the big bad of Season 5, and a pain in the ass figment in Season 7. Now he’s in this season thanks to his trickery.

Mark Pellegrino is a great actor. I remember him from being in Lost, and loved him showing up in Supernatural the first time. He’s given Lucifer a scary but fun side, and is certainly not someone you want to mess with.

Having Misha Collins play the character is great, but I do miss Mark. I look forward to Cas kicking him out and him being forced back into his old form…if that is now even possible.


Business upfront, party in the back

Ash was my favourite character from the Roadhouse. Yes, he even beats Ellen for me. I just love his laidback attitude, and the way he makes being smart seem cool. It’s also great that he never really cares about what others think, and is friendly to all those in the Roadhouse…when he sees them and isn’t passed out on the pool table!

Well, actually I should put all that in the past tense.

Killing him off was a major mistake, in my opinion. He had so much to offer. At least he was brought back in Heaven to show that he was really dead. I do want to know if he found out where Ellen and Jo were, though.

Victor Hendrickson

Another great character that just shouldn’t have been killed off. At least, not the way it happened. I do get why though, considering the way he was brought back in Season 4.

Seeing someone who hated the Winchesters finally trust and help them was great, even if the trust did only come for the one episode. I liked the way he opened up to Dean about his failed marriages and how he started to want to know more about demons and evil. It’s a shame he never got the chance to help them again in the future.

I’d like to see Hendrickson come back. I imagine him somewhere in Heaven, enjoying his time but thinking back on what could have been.


I didn’t like the first version of her, but loved, loved, loved the second. Rachel Miner had a tough job trying to make Meg her own, but she certainly did it. Now whenever I think of this demon, it’s always Miner I picture.

The character as a whole had a great story to her. Meeting Sam when he was hitchhiking made t obvious she was going to be a demon, and I thought them exorcising her in the finale may have been the last. Bringing her back was done well, especially as she was so against Crowley and so up for Lucifer running the joint.

For her to then need to switch sides and team up with the Winchesters really made her character stand out. She set the stage for Crowley to later do the same.

For me, though, her relationship with Castiel was the icing on the cake. She helped to make him more human, and I loved the way their friendship slowly progressed.

It was a shame she was eventually killed off. I think the character had so much more, but I understood for the actress’ sake. She couldn’t continue and didn’t want someone else taking over. Respect to the producers for agreeing that the character’s life could end.

Gordon Walker

Gordon really stood out for me in Season 2 and I would have liked to see more with his character. His whole backstory was thought out, and he never really changed from the start.

There was no grey area with him, and in some cases it looks like that is the line the hunters need to take. It’s certainly the line Dean took right at the very beginning. But of course, Gordon’s view almost ended up with Sam’s death and Dean wasn’t going to let that happen.

I like that he never really became a big bad of a season. He was just one of those annoying characters who would show up now and then. It seemed like it was all sorted when he was sent to prison, and then he got out and was turned into a vampire. I really felt for him being turned into the reason he started hunting in the first place. I’m not sure if we were meant to feel that way for him, but I did.

I think some of my love for Gordon comes from my love for Sterling K. Brown. I first saw him in Army Wives, and really enjoyed his frustrated character there.

Maybe I should have turned this into a top 10 list because there are certainly guest characters that I’ve missed out. I’ll do another top 5 list at a later date, but for now I’d love to know your favourite guest characters. Let’s leave out the obvious ones like Bobby, Charlie and Kevin and focus on those that  really were guest stars.