Chuck Returning to Supernatural? Does This Mean God Is Coming Home?

Chuck Shirley is making his way back into Supernatural. That is, Rob Benedict who plays the character has confirmed that he is coming back.

Does this mean the one thing the #spnfamily has been waiting for is coming? Does it really mean God is coming home?

There have long been speculations that Chuck is God. While Benedict confirmed it at a Comicon event, the showrunners have never said yes or no. It would all make sense, especially considering his stance as a prophet and the fact that he came back from the dead. You can see the moment Benedict says he is God in the video below:

The details of Chuck’s return have not been shared, except that it will happen in episode 20. Considering it is getting towards the end of Season 11, I suspect that he will come in for a big event in Supernatural. It just has to be something to do with Lucifer or Amara.

What do you think? Will Chuck’s return mean God is coming home? Will this mean we finally get the confirmation that Chuck is God?

Source: BuddyTV