5 Things to Do When Supernatural Takes a Break

Supernatural is currently on a break. I hate going through my week, knowing that I don’t get an episode on a Wednesday night.

The wait is only until March 24 this time, but what will it be like come the summer when the show ends Season 11? We don’t even have it confirmed yet that it will come back for Season 12 (although, I suspect it will do).

So, what can you do when Supernatural takes a break? Here are five things.

Watch Old Episodes

This is the first thing on the list. Go back through episodes and watch them again. Season 10 is currently running in the UK and the season finale airs tonight on E4. There are ways of watching online (legally) and you can buy the boxsets.

We have the first four seasons on boxset, so they’re the ones we usually watch when we want a catch up. But I have my favorite episodes throughout all the seasons and watch them on YouTube.

Watch Other YouTube Videos

There are lots of videos from conventions and fan-made videos out there. Why not check out some of them instead?

Some of my favorites are the ones that mix with other TV shows. I’ve seen a lot of fan-made videos of Supernatural crossed with The Vampire Diaries, One Tree Hill and Charmed.

This is one of my favorites no matter how many times I watch it and other videos:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xaRER3H40fY (you'll need to copy and paste the link because it's not embeddable from YouTube)

Read Some Fan Fiction

Okay, so it’s not all that great but there are some excellent pieces out there. Whether you love Destiel or you want some Jo/Dean fan fiction, there is something for all.

One of the best things about fan fiction is there doesn’t need to be a pairing at all. There are versions of season finales or the start of seasons to show how fans would have liked it to happen. One that stands out for me was the Season 10 premiere. When Deanmon turned back to Dean so quickly in Season 10, fans started writing their own versions.

You can also read crossover fan fiction, whether you want to see the Winchester brothers take on the Halliwell sisters or the Salvatore brothers, or you want to see them help out Oliver Queen and Barry Allan. There really is something for you.

Make Your Own Fan Videos and Fiction

Now that you’ve watched the videos and read the words, why not make your own? Surely you have songs that remind you of the characters and would have loved to see them used. Maybe you have ideas on how a season arc could have played out instead.

You don’t need to share this with anyone. I have fan fiction on my computer that nobody will ever get to read. I’ve made videos that have really just been to get an idea out of my head and onto the screen, but not for anyone else to see.

Just have some fun while Supernatural is on a break.

If you do want to share something with others, there’s nothing stopping you. There are plenty of sites, or you can start your own blog like this.

Check Out Other Work the Actors Are In

I personally like to find out what other TV shows and movies my favorite actors are in. I’ve found some interesting movies because of this—and not just with Supernatural actors!

Why not find out what other movies and TV shows the actors have been in. You could get some funny horror movies like My Bloody Valentine, starring Jensen Ackles or some crazy, based-on-true-event nightmares like Karla with Misha Collins.

You’ll definitely find you can use up the time while Supernatural takes a break. Have some fun, whether you get your creative juices flowing or just spend time watching and reading the works of others.

Remember, Supernatural is back on March 24, 2016, and it looks like the Winchesters are tackling The Darkness again.