Welcome to SPN Family Resource

Welcome to SPN Family Resource. I'm actually surprised this domain hasnt already been snapped up.

I'm a huge Supernatural fan and have been since almost the start. Being in boarding school when the show first aired, I happened to catch an episode my mum was watching while home. It was the second episode of the second season and thought it was interesting, but I was still away from home a lot. It wasnt until What Is and What Should Never Be that I really got into the show. After that I bought the DVDs of the first teo seasons and caught up in time for the season three premiere.

I've been hooked since.

I've written fanfiction and played around with fan videos but it has taken me this long to create a blog. Why? Well if I am honest, I don't have an excuse. Maybe laziness or maybe just that I didn't really thunk about it and take this idea seriously.

Now I am getting into it and going to share updates regularly. I love reading fanfiction, watching the videos and catching the memes. I also write episode recaps and reviews, so will share links to them.

This is a place dedicared to Supernatural and the SPN Family, and I cant wait to get started.