The Wayward Daughters: A Supernatural Spin Off?

Have you heard that some Supernatural fans want to see a spin off involving Sheriff Jody Mills and Sheriff Donna Hanscum?

As a fan, it didn't surprise me. Jody has been with us since Season 5 and Donna was an instant hit. Both these characters are well-rounded, relatable and gel together really well, despite their differences. I actually really worried that Jody was going to be killed off the last time we saw her.

When Jody took in wayward girl Alex dyring season nine, a story idea started forming. And then she took in Claire. Why not have a show of the two sheriffs raising these wayward daughters?

If a Supernatural spin off was ever going to happen, this would be the option to go with. Two characters are ones that the SPN Family love and there is so much potential. Sam and Dean could even turn up effortlessly.

I have found a YouTube video explaining the idea and how it came about.

What do you think? Could Wayward Daughters be the Supernatural spin off we need?

Image from YouTube clip