Supernatural Recap: Love Hurts

Did you miss this week's episode of Supernatural? Maybe you just want a refresh of everything that happened.

I enjoyed this week's episode, mainly because it was a holiday-focused one. I've always enjoyed those episodes, although the Christmas one still remains my favorite. There's something about them busting down the door to find a drunk Santa rather than a demonic one, and then having to work their way out singing Christmas carols.

Enough of that, though. This week's episode it was centered around the holiday of love. There were plenty of cliches thrown in, but clearly purposely added. In fact, there are subtle comments about the cliches. At first they were annoying, but then I realized just what Supernatural was doing.

I've written a recap of the episode right here. While I do enjoy the standalone episodes, I want to see Misha back as Lucifer. That better happen next week!