Supernatural: Don't You Forget About Me

Did you see this week's episode of Supernatural? I honestly thought that one of my favourite characters was going to die, mixed with the fact that the SPN writers love to kill off our favourites and the title seemed ominous.

The good news is I was left happy at the end, but I was biting my nails as it got closer to the finish.

I really like standalone episodes now and then, especially when it goes back to storylines from previous seasons. Bringing back Jody Mills and seeing how she is coping with her two unofficially adopted daughters was great, and something I really wanted to see. I'm not the biggest fan of Claire, but I think after this episode she might grow on me.

If you missed the episode and want a recap, you can check it out right here. Just want to see the trailer? That's towards the bottom of the recap, so just scroll down and avoid the writing; there are spoilers in the recap!

Did you see the episode? I'd love to hear what you thought. Feel free to share in the comments--either on the recap or on this blog post at the bottom.

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